About me

Charlotte. Date night summer 2016

I was born in Luton in 1982; and after birth; I was diagnosed with low calcium and tetralogy of falot a serious heart condition.

I won’t deny, that growing up with a heart condition was tough. However; somehow I knew God was looking after me. I would often talk to my parents from a very young age; about God despite the fact my parents didn’t attend Church

As I got older, I still wondered about this God. Even my nan took me to church when I stayed with her, and she wasn’t a regular!! I could see Once I became a Christian, how God had been working in my life.

As I grew in my relationship with God. I found that music and worship is what helped me feel connected to him. And one day I was inspired to start writing lyrics.

Its been unfortunate that during my time living in Luton; that I had a lot of negative feedback from some worship leaders about my songs. It didn’t stop me though and I kept on being obedient.

When my husband and I moved to Rugby in 2008. I met Beth Tysall a worship leader from CLC at the BIlton evangelical church ladies weekend. She could tell my vocal chords had been damaged somehow (during heart surgery in 1999) and eventually, I  had some courage to try some singing lessons after seeing her advertise her vocal coaching on Facebook.

It’s been a long hard journey getting to where I have with my singing. The first year was a struggle but Beth was so encouraging and supportive.

Finally, after 5 years of having vocal coaching my voice is getting back to normal; and my song writing is certainly changing. I’ve enjoyed the two projects God is near and So Thankful; and I’m looking forward to doing some more songs soon.

I hope that even if this story and my songs  blesses just one person that you can see there is hope in your situation; whatever you are facing.

God bless










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