Bake it better week. Giving back to a hospital that gave me new life.

I thought I would introduce myself to you and explain why toddlers are holding a cake sale to raise money for Great Ormond street hospital.

I was born in 1982, with tetralogy of fallot, a very serious heart condition.

Growing up with a heart condition was really tough, by the time I was at high school; It was tiring walking round from class to class, and by year 11, I had to drop PE and use it as a rest period because my health was starting to deteriorate.

It was during teenage years, I had become a Christian. I was then invited to Luton (where I grew up) Pentecostal Church youth group by my mum’s friend and in 1996, decided it was time to give my life to Jesus.

A bit later on, when I left high school and started college; I started attending the cardiac clinic at Great Ormond Street. After many tests, and regular trips down to the hospital; the cardiac team decided I had to go ahead and have major heart surgery. By then I was attending a more local Church near to my house and the Church was a huge support to my parents, and me and through prayer, and serving the worship team with singing, it got me through this difficult time.

I finally, had my heart surgery in June 1999. The surgery lasted around 7 hours and after the surgery, I was asleep in intensive care for 3 weeks and nearly did not make it. But thanks to the chaplain at Great Ormond street, the Church and my friends praying. I eventually regained consciousness and woke up. However, waking up was a shock. I couldn’t speak or even whisper, not even that I needed the toilet. I couldn’t walk and we eventually found out I had nerve damage and foot drop. And a few weeks after waking up I was then diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Di George syndrome (where part of 22nd chromosome is missing, and can cause up to more than 140 different problems)

After waking up, I spent around 3 months, in Great Ormond Street. Some time in the cardiac wing and the rest of the time doing hydro and physio because of the nerve damage and foot drop. By the time I was able to go home, in September 1999, I was able to use crutches and hobble about.

All in all, it seems like a long time ago, now being age 34. I can walk, and I can now sing again thanks to lessons with Beth Tysall. And in 2006 I had a little girl called Hannah. God has been faithful despite what I went through.

I will never forget what the hospital did for me and it was like a second home for 3 months. So, when I saw the advert for the bake it week, I wanted to raise some money and give something back, lets help raise some money for those who have to go through similar things. The money that is raised could be used for many things such as parent accommodation or funding for a play assistant for the wards. Every penny is so helpful and we can help change the lives of patients at such a fantastic hospital.

Thank you, for all your support. And thank you to all who took part. I hope this inspires you.

Bake it better cake sale for great ormond street hospital. 19/10/16
I was asleep for 3 weeks after heart surgery, and in great ormond street for 3 months.

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