Nearly Easter. A time to reflect.

I admit, life has been ‘really’ busy. I feel I haven’t had much time lately to stop and reflect and spend time with Jesus, as much as I would normally.

The crazinesss, of life and being busy has simply taken over

Now, though, it’s the holidays, Easter is approaching. And I know I need to reflect on what’s been happening in my life. In the back of my mind, when I am not practising facials, or pedicures, I have been thinking about my attitude.

Following on from my ‘thankful’ journal and the release of ‘So Thankful’; My attitude is something that I am trying to change this year. It’s easy to become negative and let negativity pull us down. I have a habit of getting really cross about the stupidest things and sometimes people closest have to remind me that in the end, it’s only my health that gets affected by my attitude and feeling angry and cross. I need to demonstrate an attitude that reflects grace.

As Easter approaches, I think about Jesus attitude towards people and towards life. He said love your neighbour as yourself. Forgive as I forgave you. He showed grace to many of his followers and disciples despite, how they treated him.

Jesus, death on the cross, has given us the chance for our sin, to be forgiven and for us to repent. It’s a chance, for us to understand His love for us on that cross. A love, that demonstrated sacrifice, pain, and in his pain and suffering – it has given us the chance to see God as our Father. Not a God who condemns, or is angry.

Through Jesus death on the cross, we can have a relationship with him Moses and people in the Old Testament never did. Lets embrace that, and through our relationship with Him lets pray Grace and mercy will show in our lives towards the people who do wrong to us.


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