So Thankful is now on i tunes and you tube

Sorry for the lack of communication on here!! I have been busy at college studying beauty therapy level two and sorting things out with my release and at home!!

I am so pleased to tell you, that So Thankful is now available on i tunes and you tube.

It’s been such a wonderful project, from start to beginning, and I truly hope and pray it encourages you to be thankful, in all your circumstances. I am so thankful I listened to God and came to Rugby, he has introduced me to some amazing and talented muscians and singers to help me with my music. I really appreciate all their time and effort.

If you like the song. Check out Speak Brother, Beth Tysall, and Jonny and Cheryl Shepherd. They have helped with So Thankful to be the song it is.

Here are the links so you can down load and watch!

the link for itunes is at the bottom of the video on you tube. 🙂

I can’t wait to bring more songs to you in the future.


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