Challenged by thankful ness?

I don’t know about you, but Christmas and new year can be a time where patience gets pushed a little. With all the hype of having to have everything perfect have a clean house, make sure everyone had enough presents and spent the same amount on people, I did start to wonder what was the point and longed for my bed and to shut the door and wake up on the 27th.

However, despite the small challenges, it was great to be with family, and great to go to Church on Christmas day to be reminded that we should be focusing on Jesus.

When, I managed to finally get some time to myself, I spent some time reflecting how we can become so engrossed in our own feelings, our family time, and buying things, at this time of year, that do we actually stop for a minute and be thankful for what we have; and pray for those who don’t have what we have.

Thankfulness, is still a challenge to me.  And each time I feel stressed or mad about something, Jesus brings me back to normality and challenges me on if I am being thankful.

I have to admit to him, I am cross and feeling stressed and having a moment. But his gentleness, and prompting always gets me thinking, and thanking him again for what I have and what he’s done. Because he’s done great things.



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