So Thankful. Demo done.

Today I had a little trip to the studio in coventry again to finish the demo I had created with James and Matt from Speak brother a few weeks ago. They are helping me with the music for ‘so thankful’.

So thankful, has been a completely different project to God is near. It’s been, a reflection of a year of being thankful.

It’s a challenge always being thankful, strange as that may sound!!! When things seem to go wrong all the time, ill health, finance, and relationships. We sometimes feel like pulling our hair out!!

We have to remember that, despite what we are going through – there is always someone worse of. At least we have clothes, a house, and a warm bed to sleep in. Thinking of five little things like that a day will leave us feeling thankful and grateful for what we do have. We have freedom to worship on a Sunday, and freedom to read our Bible’s in our houses. We have a lot to be thankful for.

So, as I carry on with my thankful journey, why don’t you join in? Buy yourself a pretty journal and start by writing five things in the morning, Or find a peaceful spot in the house to sit and just reflect at the beginning of your day, it can really change your day. Especially, when you regularly struggle.

Of course there will be days when we slip, but carry on and don’t give up, lets give thanks to God in all circumstances.


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