New project – So thankful.

The past year, I have been focusing on thankfulness.

When we go through difficult times, we often end up looking downwards and it can become a negative habit wallowing in self pity. It takes time, to change certain ways of thinking, especially with constant health trials – but through people’s help, including my family, I am starting to realise, that I DO have a lot to be thankful to Jesus for. So to help change my thinking pattern, I started a thankful journal.

As I tried to get into this mind set of being thankful for small things, such as running hot water in the morning, the list began to get longer and I could see a change in my day. And as I journeyed and tried to see thankfulness and joy in things instead of looking for ‘happiness’ (advice from my friend and mentor) I started to feel better about my day and was able to let go of some disappointments.

And as the time went by, I wrote, so thankful.

After showing my song to Beth who liked the song, I then took it to the song group at Church. It went round in my head for months and months and was on my heart, to share this to encourage others.

So, I have spent a couple of times in the studio this month, working with a couple of the guys who were involved with God is near and now part of their own band (Speak Brother).

It’s exciting to be back, and to be work again with such amazing and talented musicians. I am excited to see what God has planned for this song. And I am hopeful, to see how it can encourage others to journey and have joy and thankfulness, because, in the end happiness is never going to be enough. Joy and thankfulness will keep us focused, and will keep us looking up to Jesus.


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