New project.

I have been continuously writing songs since the God is near project.

Sometimes, though, it’s not about rushing a song or rushing back into the studio. It’s about journeying with God and writing songs to acknowledge what he has done in our lives despite circumstances.

This year, my focus, has been on thankfulness. I am in a situation of trying to train my self to be more thankful. When we go through constant issues with health, it’s easy to let life bring us down and to let the issues blame God instead of thanking God and praising him in the storm.

It’s been somewhat a challenge being thankful, in a world where materialistic things over take reality and we forget the small things that really matter. However,  my family, and my mentors tell me I have a lot to be thankful for and one of those is including just being alive!! Just breathing.

There are many things that God has done, to protect me and bring me through health issues, I have a lot to thank him for and this is where my thankful journey has started.

A while ago, I started writing a song, which came from my thankful journal. I have pondered on it a long time and wondered what to do with it. So I took it to song group, and I had positive feed back.

Still a few months went by and God was placing on my heart to start a new recording. So today I went into the studio for a couple of hours this morning and worked on the song. As with any song, there a few changes to be made, and a few things to think about, but I am excited, I am excited to see what God can do through my journey of thankfulness, what God can do not just by teaching me but encouraging others too.

So, as I go into the evening thinking about the discussions and where to go next, I encourage you to start thinking about your prayer life, and how thankful you are. Are you thankful that, you had a warm bed and hot water this morning??? Take some time out to think about it.


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