I have been quite busy this week, catching up on chores, walking the dog and spending time with my daughter.

It’s been almost frantic and where I have one job finished, another one needs starting and I barely have time to sit down.

It’s easy to get lost into the busyness of life, and forget to spend time reflecting on Jesus and the positive things in our lives.

Whilst I was sorting things out, I have come a cross a small devotion book called ‘praying the Bible into your life’.

It’s a tiny book full of Bible verses and short prayers and I encourage anyone who has a busy hectic life to purchase one of these. It gives you the chance to have a time to reflect in a short time but leaves you feeling encouraged and enriched in God’s word.

I hope that as you go into the Easter break, that you will be able to find some time to reflect on what Jesus did for you, His death was a powerful thing, it gives us hope and we know that we are daughters of a King who loves us unconditionally without condemnation and judgement. It’s a wonderful thing to know and a wonderful thing to be thankful for.

Quick Thought

Below, is a photo I took when I was out with my family the other weekend. I wasn’t feeling well despite it being a celebration for my mother in law. We took a walk along the shore where it was quite windy and we were not wanting to hang around for very long. However, in the craziness of everything and almost being knocked down by the wind I managed to take this photo. I felt from the situation around me and looking at the boats, Jesus was saying that He is the stillness in our crazy lives, and despite not always having time to reflect on His word, He is always present and we are not alone. 

Jesus can calm us and he can be the peace in our life.
Jesus can calm us and he can be the peace in our life.

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