Staying calm- with daily struggles.

This week has somewhat been a difficult one. Dealing with chronic fatigue is not what every mum and wife desires, I am tired of feeling tired and having to resort to going back to bed a lot.

It’s been a struggle Spiritually being so tired it’s hard to think and when it gets to this point, when life takes over and illness gets in the way we can only ask Jesus one question. Is to be our help in times of trouble.

It’s a daily struggle of learning to ‘surrender’ each day to Jesus. We are not in control and we are certainly not in control of our illnesses even when we are using be treated by professionals, the illness is continuous and we have to trust God has a plan.

I have to accept this is how it’s going to be. I have to choose to be a Mary and not a Martha. I could become really busy and lead a hectic life ‘serving’ God but when that happens when do people really sit at his feet like Mary.

I can only see this as an opportunity to carve out time for rest, carve out time to spend with him and most of all to focus on my character. The more I spend with him the more I will be like Him.

Here is a song I have adored this week. It really touched my heart today.


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