In this difficult world, of media, tv, magazines, fashion, women these days feel they have to follow the example of how the world portrays them. We are put under pressure from all these people to look good, be a super mum, super wife, and as well as that looking like a super model. It occasionally becomes a bit much for me.

When I feel overwhelmed by all of this I have to come back to God.

I have had to go through some real emotional battles and confessions. I have felt to re asses my character. To ask GOD what he wants from me. How can I be a woman of peace, a woman of, kindness and a  woman who does not need to seek approval from others to help me feel better.

So while all this has been bubbling under the surface, God has been confirming through ‘many’ people close to me that I need to be myself. We all need to be ourselves. If we re not ourselves and who He has created us to be then how are we going to fulfil his plan for us and how are we going to use the gifts we have for HIS purpose.

Here is a list I have created to help remind myself that I am created in HIS sight for a reason. I do not need to be anyone else and neither do you!!!

1: Lift our eyes to JESUS

If we look to Him during our troubled and insecure times, we can start walking in confidence of PEACE.

2.: Choose not to be Jealous.

If we are constantly finding fault with ourselves this is NOT honouring GOD. Choose to say each time this feeling arises.

I am a daughter of the KING. I choose not to be jealous. I don’t need to feel jealous towards this other person.


Trusting God when we have constant battles and we never see the shore trust God has things in control. 

We don’t know who we are meant to meet along the way and support them through their storm.

We can then give our time to them and BLESS others. 

And last but not least. Keep reading your BIBLE. A little each day but reading GOD’s word will get us through almost anything the world throws at us.


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