Thinking about Lent

So, Lent is upon us. I don’t where time has gone between new year and now.

It’s been on my mind, what to do for lent this year. I wanted to something that is mindful, thoughtful, and character changing.

Giving up chocolate, tea, and Facebook hasn’t given me true satisfaction in the past that I have sacrificed something great, and so lately self doubt came to mind. How for a number of years that in fact, I do find it hard to trust God I will be healed.

I have many promises, that I will be healed since I became a Christian, but in the end, I feel that these are empty promises. Promises that I have clung onto instead of trusting God. It has lead me to become bitter when people I know have been healed of the same conditions, and put a huge expectation on God and a disappointment in Him.

But this last week, I was listening to ‘In Jesus Name’ by Darlene Zschech. I agreed with what she said that God hates sickness on all levels. And this lead to my conclusion for lent. Every day, I am going to DECLARE the blood of Jesus over my sickness. Because I am sick of being ill, and I know God has better things for me on this earth.

So, for 40 days, I will be saying this decoration for the sickness I have suffered for fifteen years. I WILL trust Jesus Name and I will have faith.


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