Being still and know He is God. It could be worth a try

Life has been busy. Home I am trying to get organised, take the dog out, go to my appointments, being ill which consists of time asleep and it means, everything’s  just got a little bit to busy to keep in tune with God. Some of you might get what I mean.

It seems to me, that despite being a stay at home mum. God and seeking my time for him is slowly going down a very very steep hill. I haven’t rejected him, I haven’t ignored Him, I know He’s there and I feel bad. He does so much for me.

So since I have had a few days of unfortunately not being able to talk, it’s been on my mind how life is so busy that we eventually get used to the same old things the same old story and the same old routine that God speaking to us gets drowned out.

I am asking God this weekend to show me and teach me how to listen more. We think we might be good at listening and discerning but we are not hearing the right word and that can lead us on to a path of destruction. I hope while I try to slow down and rest, and renew my mind, I will Know He is God and in the end whatever our situation, we should submit to Him.


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