Clearing the rubbish

Lately, I have been going through some personal issues using the freedom in Christ book.

I have found it challenging, painful but useful.

It has got me thinking about how our emotional needs are as important as ‘everyday clearing the rubbish and weeding duties’.

When we look at our garden we see things in the ground that are not in the right place or are weeds that don’t look attractive and need constant attention to make the garden look good. I have embarrassingly let those over take my front garden and probably my own spiritual journey.

It’s the same with our emotional and spiritual needs. They continuously need pulling out, clearing and renewing with new thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

I have become quite lazy in my journey with God. Always acknowledging that He’s with me so I can pray and spend time with him on the ‘go’. Because life is busy. However, going through the steps in the freedom in Christ book has made me understand that it is an every day situation.  We need to constantly make that time with God each day to be strengthened in our journey with him to avoid becoming bitter and resentful. And have a more mature approach to things.


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