Faith our responsibility

The last few days, we have been looking after a friend’s dog to see if we can rehome her. She is a beautiful dog a dark brown spaniel with a amusing personality and always smiling.

It’s made me realize the last few days, how being responsible for an animal like a dog takes time and effort, yet there is a joy and excitement that comes with the package too.

It’s funny how my mind works, to remind me that my faith needs this kind of work too. The regular time and devotion we need to spend with Jesus to keep our faith growing and strong and lively is something we should not forget to take seriously. It’s easy to get into a routine of ‘knowing’ God is with us and always present but then we become lazy in our devotions and time with Him.

That’s been on my mind this week anyway, that I need to maintain my relationship with God and be responsible just like looking after someone or a pet. It is hard work but worth the joy and freedom that we receive from having a relationship with an ever faithful God.


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