Confidence and more faith.

Sometimes it’s difficult to be bold in faith with fear of the unknown.

There are so many times, I have had to take risks with no choice (heart surgery) that I just have to trust God and have every confidence that things will go to His plan.

And there are times, where I have had a choice to be bold, I have had faith and God has kept His promise and been faithful.

Six years ago, my husband was made redundant. We knew that God did not want us to stay in Luton this time – yet it was a hard choice to make because we we leaders of a house Church and had to know for sure God was calling us away. There were tears, and discussions within Church but in the end we knew that we had to move on and be obedient.

God showed up in many ways to confirm our move to Rugby, we ended up meeting Rugby Church leaders twice at a New Wine leadership conference before we completed on our house. There is nothing more amazing than that in the thousands of people who were there that week.

It’s been an amazing journey moving to the unkown. I have met many amazing people here and had the opportunity to develop musically and record God is near last year. Thankfully my husband is still working in the same job too.

And it’s been on my mind I would like to have more faith like this, and apply it in every day life. It’s easy to go to Christian conferences and things and ‘hope and pray for big things’ but lets apply this boldness and faith to our every day life and see what God can do! It says those who believe in Him will not be disappointed, when we count our blessings and His Faithfulness we can see the Hope God gives us and that’s where we can be bold and say I have confidence in you.




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