Life in a blur- God is still God.

I feel that this year has gone somewhat quicker than a lightening strike a storm, it’s been a blur, like an emotional roller coaster of trips to  London, and trips to different doctors. I still haven’t had an answer, if I need a stent doing, I am still waiting and waiting and waiting. Of course all these things happen in God’s timing, yet I am wondering how much perseverance I have left!!

In the ‘blur’ of everything, I feel God is teaching me to be still and know He is Lord over everything. I have been feeling a general peace over my situation, I feel I am under some amazing consultants and doctors and that God has the situation under His care too. I have also felt this a year to focus on myself and my relationship with him. It’s easy to get distracted by reaching out and doing many things in Church, but we need to take care of ourselves spiritually and if we aren’t perfect physically, we need to stay in shape spiritually and make sure we don’t slip.

I am reading a book at the moment, called Choose Joy when happiness isn’t enough. Throughout our situations, we can feel burdened, down and overwhelmed, and sometimes in a dark place. It’s in these moments we need to be thankful, count our blessings and appreciate the small things God is doing.

I certainly know that at this present time, God has not abandoned me, but His presence is Continually with me, wherever I go and His perfect love casts out fear.


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