Deep roots.

I have been thinking this week about things in my life that look ‘pretty’ on the outside but on the inside it is not blessing and honouring God.

I was weeding in the garden today and noticed some pretty looking flowers, as I looked closer, they were not flowers at all and they were weeds covered in flowers. It was very deceiving.

I carried on in deep thought, and asking God to reveal the things in my life that have already taken root and not flourishing as they should be.

It’s amazing how God points these things out to us, just little things when you are getting on with day to day things. I love the way he points these things out.

So, I have a few little things to think about the next few days. What is flourishing and blooming in my life, and what isn’t, and what needs to be removed.

I need to do some deep thinking and praying for God to remove roots out of my life that are pulling me down, and stopping me from pleasing Him. What are the roots in your life stopping you from doing things effectively for God’s kingdom? How can you change this to step out and successfully serve Him?



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