Spirit lead me…

I’ve been preparing myself for a intense cardiac procedure next week.

It’s not easy, trying to juggle ill health and family life, but I have managed to get through this week having a good sort out at home before I go into hospital.

I have been thinking alot about my procedure. Its a procedure, I have had alot throughout my life, but still deep in my mind, I feel apprehensive.

Surely, as a Christian, I should know God’s peace, He knows the number of my days, and is before me and ahead of me.

He reigns as my king, and I SHOULD TRUST.

I have had Hillsong song ‘OCEANS’ in my head a lot recently. Particularly the line ‘Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders’.

It’s almost become a short prayer this week. Because when we are lead to places that are even ‘known’ to us we still have the same fears and apprehensions coming back. So. As I prepare myself emotionally and physically for the next week. I will keep on trying to trust and let God take hold of my fears, and I will keep on trusting in the moments I feel out of my depth and last of all, I will pray for Him to lead me to be what HE wants me to be, whatever the situation is.


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