What is true happiness. IS it money, health or worship?….

What is true happiness. 

What makes you truly happy? Is it work, money, friendship or health?

This week has been a very difficult week emotionally and physically. Taking each day as it comes, and not trying to put to much expectation on myself. I think when you have constant illness that is the MOST important thing to remember. Nothing else matters except looking after yourself and those around you.

Also this week, I have been thinking about where I am regarding my relationship with God and writing songs. I feel a bit stuck in a rut, then recently after listening to some worship music, I discovered that in the midst of things especially illness, all God wants is us to rest and be still in Him. It seems there is not much restful music around to sit and be still. So that’s where I had an idea.

 Here I am with time on my hands. I could do house work all day, and let the Holy spirit follow me around like a dog wanting biscuits or go for a walk. Or I could sit in the quiet of my house whilst my family are out, and spent time just in His presence and being Still before Him because like Martha and Mary, that is all He wants, for us to be with Him and from that time, no doubt I could write another song,to encourage others.

That is where true happiness lies. Praying. Worship and listening. 


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