Suffering. When we suffer lets remember Jesus.

This Easter has been quite a ‘busy’ one than a ‘reflective’ one. Yet in the moment, when I did have time to reflect – it was in a moment of pain and despair from waking up with quite bad hip and knee pain. It was a moment, to remember Jesus in my suffering.

I don’t know about you, but most of my life, I seemed to have fallen for blaming God for my suffering. I have had many questions, about why I have had so many complex problems, leading to fear, instead of freedom.

However, in the recent couple of years, after much mentoring from my mentor, and my good friends, doing the freedom in Christ fear buster and also reading some Joyce Meyer books; I have come to the conclusion. That as Christians, we will suffer because Jesus suffered. In my case, it has been ill health, your situation may be something similar maybe?

I have started to thank God for my  problems, it makes life easier, and keeps your spirit from getting angry. It’s no good wasting energy being angry about something we cannot change. It blocks what God wants for us and if we are angry because of our problems we are not properly seeking the life God wants us to seek.

What is your suffering today? I encourage you to keep a journal about your suffering, maybe write a list of your sufferings and then next to them write some relevant verses that will encourage you?

As we come up to Easter day, lets think of our recent sufferings, and thank Jesus for helping us overcome them. Because above all He had Victory on the cross, and suffered for us.




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