Self control -think, is it worth the damage.

Lately I have been feeling challenged with ‘self control’.

Many will have their own thoughts linked with ‘self control’. I often wonder if the word is becoming unfamiliar with today’s world with over eating, self indulgence and the need to treat ourselves because we feel we have achieved something or we are down. We don’t think of the consequences and that it will in the end not satisfy our needs.

What has been on my mind is what we say and what we do. In a world where people are seeking a life of fulfillment deep  down there are unmet needs and the only way we can meet those needs is to be a witness ourselves and have self control in our lives.

This just doesn’t have to be when we go out shopping and tempted every time by the clothing department in the supermarket. It can just be the way we think, speak and live our lives.

In our cell group last week we spoke about words and how words can damage or heal. It really spoke to me because I have been influenced by many damaging words, particularly at high school. High school is one of the worst places, where people don’t think about how damaging words can be and the long lasting effect it can have on people’s lives.

In the end though, words, are our responsibility. We have a mind and a mouth and we have to pause, and think before we speak. I also feel with ‘reacting’ in situations is the same too. I often wonder who is watching me in the supermarket when my daughter is having an ‘off and tired’ day and I am having to deal with a difficult child amongst many people who see me week in week out. The outside world are watching how we live our lives. Yes Christians are just people, but people are searching for something to meet their needs and if we can show and live our lives , well and respectful, and peacefully as we can I think more people will look to Jesus.

Here is the video we watched at cell hope it challenges you as we were challenged


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