He’s the reason we carry on

I have been writing a new song this week. I have been thinking in all life’s trials JESUS is the reason I carry on. His Hope does not disappoint us.

Every day is a struggle for me, if it’s not one health problem, then another crops up, I seem to have many appointments at the moment to help the heart hospital decide what to do with me.

I try and stay calm in my situation, nothing phrases me any more. Waiting is the norm, blood tests are the norm, I don’t necessarily feel scared in fact sometimes I forget that once I used to be very scared of needles.

Jesus, helps us overcome many things in our lives, if we let him. Yet to overcome things we need to go through things first. It’s not an easy ride, it’s not an easy journey, but Jesus did say that if we believe in Him, we will suffer with Him too.

We have to see and know that whatever we go through is for a reason. I don’t like being unwell. But in the end Jesus needs us to be disciples and we all have situations where we are gifted to share His love.

What are you going through at the moment? Take each day as it comes, the more I do this the less expectation I have on myself. Then there is room for God to do things in our lives when we remove expectations and our own plans for our lives and let Him be in control. I am not saying its easy, but He requires us to take little steps of faith and as we do that the things He has planned for us will grow and we can do what we are really meant to do. And because we know He has a plan, we can carry on and know our future is secure.




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