God sees our heart.

Last week, as you know from my previous blog, I was admitted to hospital as I thought I had a clot. Whilst doing tests to see if this was the case, it was picked up my aorta was noticeably dilated. Now, with all my cardiac history, we were not sure if this is a new or an old problem, so for some reassurance, I had an appointment at the heart hospital yesterday. They know me, VERY well.

I am always reminded when I go for my MRI’s or visits to the heart hospital, how amazing it is to be able to see right inside my heart and pictures from the echo were amazing, I could see every detail. It made me realise how fragile the heart really can be let alone with having all these problems.

I am thankful to God, how long it’s been since I have had surgery. It will be fifteen years this year. They said it would last seven.

I also think that when I look at the imaging and echo’s that God sees DEEPER into our heart than we will ever see from these machines and photo’s.

So how do you think your heart is doing ‘spiritually’? Is it in a fragile place, have you let God search you and examine you? Maybe a challenge to all of us is imagine you can see your heart (if you have never had experience of echo’s) how would you like God to see it, how open are you to Him and His word.

Lets let Him search us and change us. It will not only bring healing to ourselves but people around us will notice the change too.

Psalm 139.23 Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.


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