it is well with my soul.

Since last friday I have been spending time in and out of Coventry and Warwickshrie hospital. I had been feeling unwell last week but thought it was anxiety until my friend on the school run asked if I was ok.

So I saw my GP, and was sent to a&e. I thought how typical, it’s Friday afternoon, and with my complex issues, I will be there quite a while.

However, I was VERY impressed with how I was dealt with there. No one passed my notes around, and people took responsibility for me. I have had previous experience of people not wanting to take responsibility for my condition which gets very disheartening.

But this week, I cannot thank staff enough in a&e, and Amu2 ward on how well they treated me and how much I felt respected despite being so complex and not easy to deal with.

Whilst I was on the ward, I did not feel afraid like I have done previous times I have had stays in hospital. I really encourage people to do Freedom In Christ Course because I feel the fear buster has really helped me in certain situations to overcome fear.

I don’t know what the next week holds, but I know ‘It is well with my Soul’ my situation may have changed but my assurance and confidence in Jesus remains the same and I know whatever I go through is for a reason.


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