Today is the day the Lord has made- feeling at peace with our past

I have to admit, that it’s taken or ‘taking’ a long time for me to accept how my life has turned out. When someone is born with such a serious heart condition, it is sometimes hard to accept that you can’t do what others do, you will feel more tired, and that you sometimes won’t be able to do what you really desire or want to do.

In many cases, we forget about what we have been through, what we have overcome, and what we CAN achieve. Yet God has crafted us into HIS plan, whatever that may be and we can use ‘what’ we do and already have to enjoy our lives. We do not need lots of fantastic things for satisfaction.

Meditating on Psalm 118.24 since the beginning of January has really helped my walk with God. I am lowering expectation of myself, what I can really achieve and my expectation of others. I am growing to accept that, God has made me for who I am and even though I don’t feel I can give Him enough, in reality, I can use what I have got to serve Him and others around me.

Look at your situation and your life. How do you feel about yourself, your life and how it’s turned out. We cannot turn the clock back on things we can’t change, but we can look up to God and see what we can change and make peace with our past. After all if we stay angry and bitter over something that has already happened, how is this going to reflect in what we need to be doing in the present.

Today is the day the Lord has made. Maybe spend some time, praying about your past and what you can do to change your future. 


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