Today is the day the Lord has made. Day 8

Rugby in Sunrise
Rugby in Sunrise

Today I had my first NHS appointment for the term. My appointments come all together or not at all and I have a big space of not having to hang around in hospital and GP waiting rooms.

On my way to the hospital, I saw a beautiful sun rise. It was a little cloudy, but I was looking forward to parking and getting my phone out to take a photo. Rugby, is quite fortunate for beautiful scenery and nice places to go despite being much smaller than my hometown Luton.  Despite our local hospital being an old building and in some parts not very modern, the outside is beautiful a small brook, and fields surrounding it.

It made me think about how in our situations, in difficult times and when we have to spend many times waiting to see Doctors or in hospital clinics for consultants, God is the reason for us to carry on. Each day is a new day, it is a day he has made.

It takes a while to train our minds to think like this, but it’s day 8 I have been meditating on this, and I am noticing a change. I am certainly lowering big expectations of myself and just trusting God in small day to day things.

Honestly, a five minute conversation with someone, might help them for the rest of their day you don’t know what God is doing in peoples lives. Lets step away from the worlds expectations of us, look to God and see what He can do through His Word and trusting Him. When He changes our hearts, it changes others around us.


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