TODAY IS THE DAY-the Lord has made – lowering our expectations.

Since the new year, instead of making a new years resolution.

I have been meditating on Today is the day the Lord has made.

I feel, that for the last few years, I have had many big expectations of myself, that I cannot fulfil. Having a chronic illness such as Rheumatoid Arthritis means I have to give many things up that I hoped or would like to do.

Over the recent weeks, it’s been getting worse that it is affecting my daily tasks.

It took my five attempts to style my hair, yesterday I struggled serving dinner and cutting it up, and today washing up was painful.  When it gets bad like this, I have to lower my expectations even MORE and hope and pray it won’t get any worse. It made me wonder what expectations do we have of God and we feel, He has not met those needs, or certain prayers have not been answered. How can we lower our expectations of Him but TRUST him more.

There was an interesting sermon at our Church today, about letting God prune back things in our lives, that might not be successful or bearing fruit.

I have been thinking about this since this morning. I feel certainly God is bringing to light certain things in my character that are stopping me from bearing fruit.

If you are not a Christian, you might find this confusing, but it simply means to cut negative things in your life and spend more time with him. Maybe the more time we spend with him, the less expectations we’ll have and our needs will be met more.




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