and so…a start..

yesterday I started to re write my book as I’ve tried many times and failed!!

It must have been difficult for my parents, I sat there trying to write the beginning of the book. I thought about how they must have felt, to have my condition overlooked and then to be told when I was six weeks old I had a serious heart condition at my six week check up.

I can’t imagine, the feeling – in a generation where there weren’t mobile phones and social media. How did people cope with bad news back then? And also with no facebook groups or support groups?….My mum was probably hoping  that the next corridor in the hospital had a pay phone!

It has made me reliase how much we DO rely on social media these days, in fact I wonder if in the future it will affect our childrens social and interacting skills when the are older yet they constantly are on x box, DS, have their own phones by age 13 -so social media has completely changed the way we communicate. My mum certainly was not as fortunate as many patients are today she had to face many things on her own.

So, a new year a new project. I’m hoping this time I will accomplish this, I need to get it off my chest, and move on.


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