I did it.

So Saturday I did my first performance since I damaged my vocal chords in 1999 during heart surgery.

It was a fantastic evening, it opened with James Herring performing some of his songs, and then a talk about what Rugby Cracker cafe was about, and then Beth’s students performed from a musical of their choice.

I chose my favorite musical Mamma Mia. I have always liked Abba.

When I first attempted to try Mamma mia about a year ago, I really struggled with ‘yes I have been broken hearted’ it took several lessons to try it but this year I did it and I think I managed to pull it off after alot of hard work and trying to get my placement right.

I also sang Honey Honey and SOS.

I am really thankful of how far I have come with my singing this year. I am grateful to my family and close friends who have supported me all the way and last but not least a HUGE THANK you to to Beth my music teacher. Without her continuous support and encouragement I would not be where I am now.




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