Nearly there

So yesterday  I have had my last rehearsal before my performance on Saturday.

I am nervous, happy and excited in one. It’s been a struggle of a week health wise, but I am determined to do this.

I have been taken aback with how many people have shown an interest and want to come and the amount of people who have shown me support throughout the year with my singing.

It’s been a difficult journey since I started my lessons two years ago. The first time I tired mamma mia I could not even get the high notes, but after more perseverance and continuous effort even on my bad days where I have spent most of the day resting/sleeping in order to get too and do my singing it is finally paying off.

I believe that through the difficulties I face and have faced with my voice, there has been a vast improvement and some healing with my voice in 2013. And I had so much fun recording God is near! 

I am thankful for the encouragement Beth has continued to give me and despite being knocked back by ent earlier this year we know that God can provide a way and he does not think I am ‘complicated’. 

Please go to my Facebook page on Saturday to see any photo’s or videos of my performance it will be my first since 1998.

Hope you all have a very good Christmas thank you if you purchased God is near this year I hope it has blessed you. 


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