Church. come as you are.

it’s been on my mind a while, that sometimes we want to see Church as we see it not how God sees us.

the last few weeks I have wondered what attracts people to Church. IS it God, loneliness, to look nice, to have a social setting/circle.  What is your reason?

Sometimes, we can get caught up in  life and  it’s attractions and distractions. But in the midst of all things, God wants us to come and worship Him. Church is about connecting with Him, it’s not about catching up and having a gossip, where as it is good to have fellowship, yet He wants us to come as we are, whether we are struggling with depression, anxiety, illness, he wants us to be there, to come to Him and to come as we are.

He accepts where we are in life, people will not always, but if you struggle like I do sometimes with illness and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing remember it’s about God, we need to grow in Him and when we commit ourselves and go out of our way for Him, he will honor that decision and bless us.



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