taking new steps vocally

In the last couple of music lessons I have had, there has been discussion that I will sing with my music teacher and some of her students at Cracker cafe this year.

I feel I have come a long way with my singing lessons. I am very pleased how my vocals are building up a lot since I recorded God is near and I am looking forward to Christmas and performing. Hardly anyone says pardon anymore, I can have conversations in noisy cafe’s and over the counters in the supermarkets. Life is becoming so much easier.

I feel that performing is another new step I am going to take, I have never performed before, I have sung in Church before my operation and my vocal chords were damaged, so with the few weeks left until Christmas I have to practise practise practise and find some Guinea pigs to sing in front of before the big thing. So who will that be then?

It’s going to be fun, I am not going to let fear get in the way of this, its for charity and I have chosen some of my favourite Abba songs to sing. Which I am sure my husband and neighbours are getting quite fed up of already hearing ‘honey honey how your thrill me’.


I feel pleased with what I have achieved vocally this year. Doing the God is near project was amazing and I thank all involved and hope you enjoyed it too. I am really thankful to those who do encourage me with my song writing and singing, I just need the confidence now, to forget the negative things people say about me and to keep on taking these small steps that God is putting in front of me.



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