a working progress.

I have had some really exciting singing lessons the last few weeks.

Since doing the project God is near, I have noticed my voice has come on a long way. Beth and I are excited to see what happens especially being turned down by ENT for any help with sorting out the problem, which was of course a disappointment but not a surprise with so many problems. You are complicated has become quite a well know phrase in my life.

So, we have been working extra hard in my lessons, and it’s been so nice to be able to sing some songs without feeling frustrated half way through. I remember the first lesson I had, everything was very airy and warm ups were a struggle.

I have been working on songs such as Your still the one by Shania Twain, Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, Never Ever by All saints, I believe I can fly, by R kelly, and this week, Total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler and 4 Non Blondes. added to the ‘song workout’.

It’s easy when you sing to push yourself as a singer to try things with singing and the music industry being so competitive, but believe me, you are you, and your singing voice makes you are who you are,  make songs ‘your’ song your style.  We cannot be Mariah Carey or copy people, lets not hide our voices, but in fact, lets be our own, because we are who God has created us to be.



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