Moving to the ‘unknown’

Draycote water








Today, I took a little trip to Draycote water.  It was another hot day, but enjoyed taking some photo’s.

I love being near water, If I had my way, I would live near Brighton, but God bought us to Rugby.

It will be five years next week that we moved. It was another big occasion in my life, I had never moved away from Luton before.

I had to weigh many things up because we led a house Church and it would mean moving people on and leaving people behind. I really needed to know God was in this.

Over the next few months, God showed me many things that we were meant to be coming to Rugby, we ended up sitting on the same row at a new wine leadership conference as some Rugby leaders out of the thousands of people there, that had to be a confirmation!

Moving was a new experience for me, dealing with estate agents, keeping the house as best as I could with a small child in-case of last minute viewings, was crazy, but in the end I knew there was a reason to be coming to Rugby especially following our time at New Wine.

The hardest thing leaving my home town was going to the unknown, and starting again. What had God got in store, how would my husband find working in a new county and would we be here for good.

I have to say looking back on the last five years, God has done some amazing things, one including recording God is near. I have made some great friends and my daughter is happy here, I do miss Luton, despite it’s bad press it’s where I grew up and I have some fond memories.

Sometimes, when we go into the ‘uknown’ it’s a case of again trusting God. If something is meant to be ‘He will make a way’ if something is meant to be done ‘He will provide the workers’. 

I am so glad I listened to Him, and I know Greater things are yet to come. 




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