taking time out. recognising who you are.

The last few weeks, I have been studying the freedom in Christ Course.

When this course was first mentioned to me, I was not sure about it, and did not feel like the right time to be ‘moving’ on from things. So as usual I was behind on things due to my own pride and self worth but sometimes we know what is best don’t we not knowing that God wants us to change.

It’s hard sometimes, living with many health issues, and being told you are complex alot doesn’t exactly make me feel good about myself.

So, I kept pushing this ‘course’ to the side, getting busy with life.

Then, something changed when I wrote God is near. It helped me see life in a different light, not just writing the song, but doing something I enjoy and something that I connect with helped me see life differently, and helped me be more positive (in my own way) about my circumstance. People closest to me noticed this change to and that I was feeling better about things.

However, I was still struggling with a lot of things as we all do.

Then took my husbands advice on doing the Freedom in Christ.

I did the course with a very good friend who I knew would not judge me when I went through the ’10 steps’ and forgiveness part. It was a difficult process, particularly when I have had questions why I had such a difficult three months after my heart surgery in 1999.

I found the course simple and at a good level to understand. It has helped me see many things in a different light.

I am starting to see life in a whole different way since my God is near project and doing freedom in Christ. I am taking a step back on many things, making life easier for myself and others and trying to accept that I do have a better quality of life despite all the complications following the heart operation.

I really recommend this if you feel stuck in a rut with things, feel that your goals are blocked and if you generally feel the need that things need to change.



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