it’s hard to stay silent. isn’t it?

Not many people like ‘silence’. We often cannot sit in silence, we often talk too much when we should be quiet, we say things we don’t really mean and we can stir up anger and cause conflict because of these situations in our lives.

I have been in a situation lately, where I have been asking God to examine me and where I need to change so that not just me but others can move forward along with my changes. It’s hard when we don’t want to change, but sometimes our blocked goals, and our selfish motives cause others to have a stumbling block in their life, then this can cause others not to flourish in their relationship with God and ministry.

Many people, know I like to talk. I am a good talker, talk to anyone from the queue in Super-drug or the lady serving me at the make up counter in Debenhams, or the person next to me in clinic. But sometimes, when we talk too much, we miss what people are wanting to say to us or we miss what God is trying to say, it is important we have times in our lives when we stay silent because we need God to restore our brokenness and through us being silent he can teach us many new things, and we can feel renewed.

What can you do today to let God speak into your life? I have found this scripture helpful today, I hope it encourages you too.

 “Be still, and know that I am God;Psalm 46:10


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