Seeking Him and Fixing our eyes on Him during painful times.

Pain. It’s not something we all like living with. Pain can be caused in a number of ways for us to build up barriers and stop us trusting God in our everyday lives. We sometimes forget nothing can separate us from His love and faithfulness.

The last few days, I have been thinking about God’s presence and how when we are in God’s presence it’s an amazing thing and somehow we suddenly don’t remember the pain we are in because our eyes are fixed on Him and good things.

I go through pain on a regular basis, and in some cases I need to go to back to bed. Being in pain has been an incredible challenge in my life because it’s easy to get down and demotivated because it’s constant and never ending, even with the relevant medications, it doesn’t completely go away. Some people deal with pain in different ways chronic pain is a bit of a tricky one to deal with. Yet I am glad God can help me through these times, do you let Him help you?

So it struck me at the weekend that we need to continually ask for HIS presence, ask for God to manifest His presence in you in a way that we are thinking more about Him and less of our pain. That is my challenge for this week, I will try my hardest to do, can you do it too? Enjoy Him and look to Him in our times of trouble

Seek Him and see what you find.

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.Isaiah 55:6


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