The (He)art of song writing

When we write a song, we want it to be the best it possibly can. We want it to sound good and catchy, and in the hope that it’s easy to listen too as well as sing to if people use it in Church.

We can have a hope that maybe our song will be a big hit, and it will do amazing wonders in God’s kingdom, but is the song direct from the heart or are we being drawn into a materialistic world of wanting to be the best and and competitive.

As a song writer, we are giving ourselves on the front line,  like a preacher, and an evangelist.

We need to be aware of the ‘cost’.

Sometimes people think a song is a song, but a song has taken time to write, maybe through some personal changes in the songwriters life, and challenges along the way, and in the hope we can share God’s love amongst people.

We as song writers, are here to encourage you and help you in your worship to God, worship and songwriting is an art, and a dedication to the Lord and we hope we bless God with serving Him through the gift of song writing, all Glory be to Him, and if it’s a song that is meant to be He will equip you and move you in the direction you need to go.




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