what an incredible journey

So, what an incredible journey God is near (even though) has been. It feels like certainly we have been working on this a long time, but I am so pleased with the result and am very thankful to where God has bought me and what I have learnt.

This week has been another ‘step forward’ in The God is near project. I had an article on page five in the Rugby Advertiser.  I don’t know what God has planned, but from the day I wrote God is near my life has changed. I am seeing God in a different light this song is very personal to me written with all my heart and I hope that people will be encouraged by the song and I hope it helps people see God in a different light.

I have come to a point in my life now, where, I know God is for me not against me, and despite still having my on going health problems, and despite the constant clinic appointments I have to attend, or how I feel, I know God still loves me the same, He loves you the same whatever your situation is. Nothing in ‘life’ can separate us from His love.

I hope wherever people are or whatever situation they are in when you hear God is near (Even though) I pray that you will see the hope God can give you.

God bless



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