a little inspiration. a little new song.

So sometimes, as a songwriter you get a moment of inspiration and then ten minutes later you have a new song. That kind of happened today – in fact I quite surprised myself with the new melody too a little bit different from usual kind of tune I like, yet still upbeat and in line with God is near. I did try to write a a quiet/reflective one but unfortunately sometimes we just have to go with what is on our hearts and minds at the time.

So here is a little preview of the song I wrote today. I am not sure what I will do with this one but hope you will feel encouraged by the words.

You called me by my Name

I surrendered to your Grace

Your love so great

Is my salvation

You lead me to your cross

Now I’m no longer lost

Your blood is my redemption



And I Christ I rest

my hope in Him

My feet are placed

on higher ground

Now I live In truth

I walk with Him

Jesus I live for You.


You give me reassurance

Your pain is my endurance

In suffering I’ll remember you

Your strength helps me in weakness

Your hope is my foundation

Your mercy restores my soul.


©Charlotte Deaves 2013




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