In the life of recording a song

So, the recording is finished a month ago, I tunes and CD design finished, website up and running, talk with leadership at Church being arranged, flyers being sorted, ditto music registration nearly there – phew who knew there was so much into writing a song and recording it.

I wouldn’t change it for the world though, to be able to have the opportunity to create my dream and see it develop is amazing, I feel very blessed with everyone involved.

I feel this song has somewhat help me see things differently in life. We go through things for a season, whatever that circumstance may be we need to trust and know God is God throughout every season in our lives.






I have had my ups and downs in life with all my struggles, I have been disappointed, let down and wondering what is the point?But God has still been there, in fact not very far away at all.

When we are tested all the time. It’s easy to believe that we are being punished, or God is against us, but sometimes God’s no is a redirection and sometimes we go through these things to meet certain people and make us stronger. During these times, we need to make sure we have our eyes on God, and know that whatever we go through He will always love us for who we are, He will be our strength and we CAN trust Him to bring good out of our situations.

I really can’t wait to share God is near (Even though) – it’s been on my mind for many, many months.


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