Charlotte Deaves

2F671E32-45E2-4BB9-90EA-E92CFB7BE5D9HI, I am Charlotte.

I was born in Luton (the place with the airport) and now living in Rugby, Warwickshire.

When I was age 17, in 1999. my vocal chords were damaged either during or sometime after my heart surgery. When I woke up from my operation, after three weeks of being asleep, I  asked if I could go to the toilet. Barely any voice came out, not even a whisper. I felt devastated.

I struggled to interact with people. It was hard to tell people I was in pain, it was annoying, I couldn’t tell the nurses one of my medications was causing a ‘funny taste’ in my mouth. I couldn’t talk to my friends who traveled from Luton to Great ormond street to see me.

Over the next few years, my voice slowly came back but it was airy and I struggled to talk to people in the supermarket, at Church, and when I went outHowever, when I moved to Rugby, many things changed. 3 people, in 3 different situations, gave me words that i was going to have my voice back so I could sing again.

Shortly after those words, I attended the BEC ladies weekend. It was a refreshing weekend away, meeting new people and fresh worship, lead by Beth Tysall of CLC Church, Rugby.

After getting to know Beth, I saw on facebook that she was a vocal coach. So, I started singing lessons following the words I had before the ladies weekend.

At first it was hard work, after many years of not singing, and no strength in my vocals, as well as a scar on my vocal chords, it took the first year to just build strength in my voice.

As time went on, and I built up strength, and confidence to sing again, I wrote a song called God is near and took it Beth. She advised me to record it as part of my vocal journey!

So, God is near was recorded and released in 2013. Since I wrote God is near, my voice has continued to get stronger and in 2015, I wrote So Thankful.

I still continue to write songs and have my lessons. I pray that this story and these songs encourage you on your journey with Jesus. God is near and So Thankful are available on i tunes and you tube.



3 comments on “Charlotte Deaves

  1. Dearest Charlotte!
    I read your recent prayer request on instagram. I am not very familiar with this venue so I am not sure how to leave you a message. Somehow I managed to find this avenue. I trust God will deliver it to you.
    I too have walked deep dark valleys and it is from my heart’s many experiences of God’s unfailing faithfulness that my faith rises to pray for you. Every warrior has times where they need to be carried by others into times of rest and refreshing. When his friends lowered him thru the roof and set him at Jesus’ feet the paralytic heard Jesus say that THEIR faith had made him whole and to rise up and walk. II Tim 2:13 says that even when we have no fairh left, He REMAINS faithful because He can’t deny Who He is; He IS Faithful! Every prayer we pray as Father’s children are a powerful weapon that moves the hand of God. I will join Jesus and intercede for you before our Father until you receive the complete healing you have cried out to God for. Be blessed my precious sister in Christ our Hope of Glory. Hugs, DeeDee

    • Thank you so much. It was so encouraging to read your message just now! 🙂 Thank you for praying for me. I really appreciate it. Every blessing! Charlotte.

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